You got the plan,
we have the car.

With WeShare PlanTrip, you can easily reserve your trips in advance. The feature is currently in the test phase. Let’s go!

Fully charged battery
You’re gonna get a fully charged car which you can recharge for free during the trip.
Flexible cancellation
Up to 2 hours before the start of your booking you are able to cancel the e-Golf for free.
No mileage limit
You can drive anywhere in Germany with unlimited mileage. The e-Golf can reach up to 230 km before it needs recharging.
Extensive equipment
5 Seats, 2 booster seats for children, multimedia system & charging cable for domestic socket and much more.
49€ a day
Use our autumn offer to pay only 40€.
100% electric car sharing

It's that simple.

Select your pickup and return date. This is possible at least 24 hours and maximum 30 days in advance.

and go

Have you got somewhere to be? To get going, simply choose one of our pick-up zones in Berlin, where your fully charged e-Golf will be waiting for you. And once your trip is over, drop it off again within this zone.

Your PlanTrip
Arts or
Want a city break? With WeShare PlanTrip, you can easily plan your getaway to Potsdam, Leipzig or Dresden (or wherever it takes you) in advance. All mileage is included - and recharging, of course.

Your PlanTrip
Bauhaus or Biedermeier?
Without haste to the furniture store, flea market or hardware shop - that’s quite relaxed with PlanTrip. It's available at a fixed price in the WeShare App. And the e-Golf's fold-down rear seat creates enough space for everything that makes your home more beautiful.

Your PlanTripTake me
to the lakes.
Discover the most beautiful lakes in the area with "Take me to the lakes", our cooperation partner. Thanks to PlanTrip, your e-golf is waiting fully charged in the neighbourhood - pack your swimming trunks.

Learn more at

Photo: Take Me to the Lakes @takemetothelakes

4 good tips
for your trip.

Schedule charging times: The best thing is to download the Plugsurfing App. You can use all charging stations shown there (with the charging card from the glove box). The green marked charging stations are actually available. Select them and you will see if they also offer quick charging.
Observe range: The car's signals tell you how fast the battery is draining. The indicated range is calculated mainly from city trips. On the motorway, the actual range decreases much faster.
Get more out of it: Always use recuperation mode to conserve power while driving. To do this, shift the gear knob to position "B".
Stand by: Your phone needs a signal to open or close the e-golf. So check if you have reception before stopping off.
How to make a stopover

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